Louise de Coucy: early lady-conchologist

Louise Caroline de Coucy was born 18 September 1827 in Margerie-Hancourt (France, Seine-et-Marne) as the daughter of Anne Joseph Alfred de Coucy, Inspector of Forests. She was initially interested in entomology by her yought friend Édulie Loizelot. After her marriage with Philibert Guéneau d’Aumont  (x 21 May 1849, Troyes, Côte-d’Or), they collected jointly land and freshwater snails until her untimely death on 19 August 1853 in Toulon (France, Var).


They were in contact with Gacogne, Moquin-Tandon, Lecoq, and Wachanru.

The collection forms part of the Guéneau d’Aumont collection in UBZ.

Audibert, C. 2016. 
La collection conchyliologique des Guéneau d’Aumont. Folia conchyliologica (forthcoming).


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