Humblot: collector

Léon Joseph Henry Humblot (1852–1914) was a French naturalist and botanical collector. He worked as a gardener for the Muséum national d’histoire naturelle in Paris, then in 1878 embarked on a research trip to Madagascar, where he set up an experimental garden and collected orchid species. In 1884 he entered the Comoros Islands as part of a geographical survey conducted by the natural history museum. In 1885 he procured the signature of a treaty with the Sultan of Bambao, thus establishing a basis for a “Grande Comore protectorate”. During the following year, the French had overall rule of the Comoros (Grande Comore, Anjouan, Mayotte and Moheli islands) [1].

Humblot [2]

Although he mainly collected botanical specimens, he also collected snails on the islands and these were identified by Arthur Morelet, who published two papers on the results (Morelet, 1886, 1888). He named three species after him: Otopoma humbloti Morelet, 1886 (fig. 4); Ennea humbloti Morelet, 1886 (fig. 2); Bulimus humbloti Morelet, 1888.


Morelet A. 1886. Malacologie des Comores (4e article). Récolte de M. Humblot à la Grande Comore. Journal de Conchyliologie 33:288–301.
Morelet A. 1888. Malacologie des Comores (Cinquième article). Deuxième voyage de M. Humblot. Journal de Conchyliologie 35:281–291.

[2] Léon Humblot à la Grande Comore

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