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The Eudel collection

Emile Eudel (1831–1892) was a sea captain who later entered the French colonial administration and lived for some time in Cambodia. He has collected many shells which he sold to European collectors, but also had his own collection. This was sold partly to Sowerby (Pteropoda) and partly to Fulton (Mollusca), who sold subsequently parts of it to different clients (Duchamps, 1999).

In the Dautzenberg collection, where the original labels usually have been replaced with Dautzenberg’s own, I found an original label from the Eudel collection.


From this label it becomes clear that Eudel was in contact with Fréderic Cailliaud (1787–1869), who made the identification for him. Also clear is that Eudel was very precise in his labelling, making notes on whom identified and the date.

A second label was found among the Drouët collection in Dijon, thus another contact. This label is entirely handwritten, which may indicate is originates from an earlier date (?).

Eudel in Drouet

It is not known where Eudel’s other shells may have ended up and if their original labels have been retained or not.

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