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An annotated copy of Geyer (1909)’s book

David Geyer (1855-1932) is a famous German malacologist. His book entitled Unsere Land- und Süsswasser-Mollusken, and published in 1909, is useful still today, with magnificent plates.

In my copy [1], the plates are hand labelled with typical old german handwritting.

Numériser 16

In addition, a sample of a manuscript written in Kurrent (Deutsche Kurrentschrift), used in Germany until beginning of the 20th century, is stucked on the last page of the book by a precedent owner, maybe Forbes (see the signature) with this comment: “Manuscript Prof. Karschs – geplante Vorarbeit für eine analytische Tabelarisirung”.

We don’t have any information about this Prof. Karsch. We welcome your comments!

Geyer D., 1909. Unsere Land- und Süsswasser-Mollusken. Einführung in die Molluskenfauna Deutschlands. Stuttgart: K. G. Lutz’ Verlag : 155 p., 18 pl.

[1] Audibert C., private library.