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Œhlert: bio, portrait

Daniel Victor Œhlert (1849–1920) was born and lived in Laval (Dept. Mayenne, France), where he worked as librarian and later as curator of the local Musée d’Archeologie and of the Muséum d’histoire naturelle in Laval. Although an ‘amateur’ he devoted himself to geology, and paleontology of the region where he lived. He was a member of the Société géologique de France since 1877. He also published several papers in the Journal de Conchyliologie about Brachiopoda.


In 1874 he married with Pauline Eugénie Crié (1854–1911), who actively supported her man in his research. From 1887 onwards he even signed his papers with Œhlert D.-P. [Œhlert Daniel-Pauline] , to signify that they both contributed.

A complete bibliography and a list of new taxa may be found in Emig (2013).

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[1] Pauline et Daniel Œhlert – Photo © Coll. Musées de Laval.